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Webmentions: enabling better communication on the Internet

Over 1 million Webmentions will have been sent across the internet since the specification was made a full Recommendation by the W3C—the standards body that guides the direction of the web—in early January 2017. That’s amazing, because I’ve never even heard of a Webmention, let alone seen one sent. What are Webmentions and why should we care? Webmention is a (now) standardized protocol that enables one website address (URL) to notify another website address that the former contains a reference to the latter. It also allows the latter to verify the authenticity of the reference and include its own corresponding reference in a reciprocal way. So it’s basically pingbacks, only with @ symbols? A Webmention is simply an @mention that works from one website to another! So it’s basically pingbacks, only with @ symbols… Still, I believe taking platform-specific features and making them broadly available across the web is a Good Thing, so I’m all for Webmentions and efforts like it. Click through to learn more about use cases, how to implement them on your site, and which platforms have them baked in.

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Jeremy Keith A List Apart

Going offline

Jeremy Keith in an excerpt from his new book Going Offline on A List Apart: The internet is a network of networks, all of them agreeing to use the same protocols to shuttle packets of data around. Those packets are transmitted down fiber-optic cables across the ocean floor, bounced around with Wi-Fi or radio signals, or beamed from satellites in freakin’ space. As long as these networks are working, the web is working. But sometimes networks go bad… When the network fails, the web fails. That’s just the way it is, and there’s nothing we can do about it. Until now. I’m really excited to see Jeremy Keith write a whole book on service workers. I’ve dabbled a bit here and there, but now that support for them continues to grow, I’m excited to dive in.

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