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A sharded First-in First-out queue using Redis and Resque. This gem unables you to guarantee in-order job processing based on a shard key. Useful for business requirements that are race-condition prone or needs something processed in a streaming manner (jobs that require preservation of chronological order).

logged by @jerodsanto 2018-02-08T16:32:00.013015Z permalink #ruby #redis

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Backpack for Laravel

Build custom admin panels 10x faster. Backpack will help you generate CRUDs for your Eloquent models, and easily create custom CRUDs for complex use cases. To be clear, this is not a CMS. It's a framework to build your own CMS for your Laravel projects.

logged by @jerodsanto 2018-01-30T20:55:08.259986Z permalink #laravel #php
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