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Tim Coulter Avatar The Changelog #287

Truffle framework and decentralized Ethereum apps

We talk Tim Coulter about how Truffle (Ethereum Swiss Army knife), how he got into Ethereum and dapp development, Solidity vs JavaScript, smart contract testing, EthPM which is like npm but for Ethereum, Why decentralization? Why dapps? Basically, why rebuild the internet? And last but not least - who's using Truffle and what have they built with it?

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Kevin Owocki Avatar The Changelog #281

Gitcoin: Sustaining Open Source with Cryptocurrency

We're joined by Kevin Owocki, the founder of Gitcoin. Gitcoin is a platform to monetize or incentivize work in open source software. We talked about how Gitcoin sits at the intersection of sustaining open source and cryptocurrencies, their history and roadmap, their decision to leverage the brand name of Git, bug bounties, funded issues, web3, MetaMask, and the future of Gitcoin and how open source benefits.

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Stripe Icon Stripe

Stripe is ending their Bitcoin support

For Stripe, Bitcoin isn't scaling well to make it "useful for payments," and it's expensive in both time and money to process transactions. However, Tom Karlo said "Bitcoin has evolved to become better-suited as an asset rather than a means of exchange." A line in the sand has been drawn for Bitcoin as a useful payment currency. Therefore, starting today, we are winding down support for Bitcoin payments. Over the next three months we will work with affected Stripe users to ensure a smooth transition before we stop processing Bitcoin transactions on April 23, 2018. Clearly the value of Bitcoin is still there as an asset. It's just not working out (for Stripe) as a means of exchange for payments. Though they remain optimistic. Despite this, we remain very optimistic about cryptocurrencies overall. Tom also provided some insights to where things are heading for crypto and payments. We may add support for Stellar (to which we provided seed funding) if substantive use continues to grow. It’s possible that Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, or another Bitcoin variant, will find a way to achieve significant popularity while keeping settlement times and transaction fees very low.

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a command-line cryptocurrency trading bot using Node.js and MongoDB. This is on version 4, so a boat load of effort has been invested in this tool. In light of that, I find this statement from their README funny and somewhat sad: Zenbot 4 is functional, but is having trouble reliably making profit. At this point, I would recommend against trading with large amounts ...

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Ivy for Bitcoin

Old dogs really can learn new tricks: a smart contract language that compiles to Bitcoin Script Bitcoin Script is not Turing complete, so this isn't a true competitor to smart contract platforms such as Ethereum and Cardano, but you can still do some cool stuff with it. Give Ivy a test drive in the Ivy Playground for Bitcoin.

logged by @jerodsanto 2017-12-19T14:49:00.012802Z permalink #cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin Could Cost Us Our Clean-Energy Future

If you’re like me...’ve probably been ignoring the bitcoin phenomenon for years — because it seemed too complex, far-fetched, or maybe even too libertarian. But if you have any interest in a future where the world moves beyond fossil fuels, you and I should both start paying attention now. We should be paying attention because the energy usage behind Bitcoin is astounding. What they might not have accounted for is how much of an energy suck the computer network behind bitcoin could one day become. Simply put, bitcoin is slowing the effort to achieve a rapid transition away from fossil fuels. What’s more, this is just the beginning. Given its rapidly growing climate footprint, bitcoin is a malignant development, and it’s getting worse. Today, each bitcoin transaction requires the same amount of energy used to power nine homes in the U.S. for one day. The aggregate computing power of the bitcoin network is nearly 100,000 times larger than the world’s 500 fastest supercomputers combined. The total energy use of this web of hardware is huge — an estimated 31 terawatt-hours per year.

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Chris Beams Avatar The Changelog #269

Bisq, the Decentralized Bitcoin Exchange with Chris Beams

Chris Beams joins the show to talk about Bisq, the P2P decentralized Bitcoin exchange and open-source desktop application that allows you to buy and sell bitcoins in exchange for national currencies, or alternative crypto currencies. We get some background on the issues faced by crypto exchanges like CoinBase, and the now defunkt Mt. Gox. We discuss whether or not Bitcoin is a censorship resistant payment system and what it means to have anonymous transaction currency options. Bisq also has an interesting white paper about its own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) to support its contributors and we discuss that in detail at the end of the episode.

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