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Dimitri Fontaine

Database modeling anti-patterns 🙅‍♀️

Dimitri Fontaine shares 3 classic data-modeling anti-patterns. The UUID section lacks strong argumentation, but the real gem in this article is his advice at the end. A snippet: My advice is to always normalize your database model first, and then only fix the problems you have with that when you actually have them. Well except in those 3% of cases where really, really, it should be done in the design phase of the project. It’s quite hard to recognize those 3% though, and that ability is hard gained with experience. Experience is the ultimate teacher.

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Table Tool — Simple CSV editor for macOS

If this is a repeat for you, then pay no attention. I was recently introduced to this tool by @jerodsanto who logged this awhile back when he found it. 💫 If you're on macOS you don't want to open up Numbers to fiddle with a .csv file — that's why Jakob Egger, the creator of Egger Apps, created it. Download it on the Mac App Store.

logged by @adamstac 2018-03-01T20:55:46.410275Z permalink #macos #database

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Your database should work like a CDN

What do you use when your app needs to provide speed and availability to a global audience? You need a distributed database that... Deploys anywhere Reduces latency by performing reads and writes close to users (while still enforcing consistency, even across a distributed deployment) Maintains uptime by tolerating faults Offers granular control over geographical placement of your data for GDPR compliance Sounds like a CDN.

logged by @adamstac 2018-02-12T20:42:00.009094Z permalink #cockroachdb #database

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Please stop using Local Storage

Randall Degges examines the good and bad uses of Local Storage. tldr, don't use it to store sensitive data. Almost every day I stumble across a new website storing sensitive user information in local storage and it bothers me to know that so many developers are opening themselves up to catastrophic security issues by doing so. Let’s have a heart-to-heart and talk about local storage and why you should stop using it to store session data.

logged by @adamstac 2018-01-28T05:56:15.515292Z permalink #security #database

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A Proof-Of-Concept GraphQL Server Framework for Rust

This framework is very much in the proof of concept stage. There's still a lot to do. The framework provides a seamless GraphQL interface for Rust servers. It is type-safe, ergonomic, very low boilerplate, and customizable. It has potential to be very fast. I believe that it can be one of the best experiences for GraphQL development in any language, as well as one of the fastest implementations (in part, because it seems to me that Rust and GraphQL are a great fit). Also, check out ~> 2018: The year we learn Rust 1.0 and Rust in 2018

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Tague Griffith Avatar Brian Behlendorf Avatar Monty Widenius Avatar The Changelog #278

Blockchains and Databases at OSCON

We went back into the archives to conversations we had around blockchains and databases at OSCON 2017. We talked with Monty Widenius (creator of MariaDB), Brian Behlendorf (Executive Director of Hyperledger), and Tague Griffith (Head of Developer Advocacy at Redis Labs). Business Source License (BSL) is there to be a bridge between closed source and open source. - Monty Widenius

logged by @jerodsanto 2017-12-15T14:58:45.396558Z permalink #blockchain #database

Mike Glukhovsky Avatar The Changelog #266

The Future of RethinkDB with Mike Glukhovsky

Mike Glukhovsky joined the show to talk about the future of RethinkDB. Mike was a co-founder of RethinkDB along-side Slava Akhmechet. RethinkDB shutdown a year ago officially on October 5, 2016 — and today we're talking through all the details with Mike. The shutdown, getting purchased by the CNCF, relicensing, buying back their IP and source code, community and governance, and some specific features that Mike and the rest of the community are excited about.

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Mark Nadal Avatar The Changelog #236

GunDB, Venture Backed and Decentralized with Mark Nadal

Mark Nadal joined the show to talk about his hacker story and his venture backed open source datastore project called GunDB — a realtime, decentralized, offline-first, graph database engine. We talked about the details behind this database, how Mark secured funding, why yet another datastore, who's using the database, how Mark plans to sustain this project through products and services, his thoughts on the RethinkDB postmortem and more.

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