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How far can JavaScript take us?

Tanner Villarete asked himself, “How far can JavaScript take us?” Then answered: Turns out, pretty dang far. This web app was my attempt at mimicking Apple’s iOS music app, and I think I’ve come pretty close! I have to admit, he did a pretty good job. The frontend is built on React and Redux. The backend? A Laravel-based API running on a Raspberry Pi! Here’s the live demo, but be nice because Raspberry Pi.


Miguel Piedrafita

OrgManager takes GitHub org invites to a new level

Miguel Piedrafita wasn’t happy with how limited GitHub’s organization invites system is GitHub organizations are missing a better invite system: you can add people to an organization, but you can’t setup a “Join this organization” button to appear at the top of the organization page. Thanks to Miguel, now you can. ✊

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