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Adam Stacoviak — Adam is the host of Founders Talk, and Founder & Editor-in-chief of Changelog Media. Prior to Changelog (and during, depending on the year) he lead product development for a non-profit called Pure Charity. — @adamstac

Jerod Santo — Jerod is Managing Editor & Partner of Changelog Media. Jerod helps lead and co-host our flagship podcast, The Changelog, and all the cool stuff we get to build to make Changelog awesome. He also runs his custom software company, Object Lateral. — @jerodsanto

Heather Stacoviak — Heather is our Creative Director, taking care of design, marketing, user experience, and more. Heather brings joy to our community members, listeners, readers, sponsors, partners — everyone we work with. Before Changelog, Heather worked for MediaFire as a UI/UX Designer. — @heatherstac

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