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JavaScript is an object-oriented programming language used alongside HTML and CSS to give functionality to web pages.
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Vue.js gets a cookbook 👩‍🍳

Unlike the guide which walks you through building a Vue app in story form, the cookbook is all about focused examples of how to accomplish specific goals with the framework. This is an excellent addition to the compendium of documentation in support of the project, and one that’s worthy of emulation once your framework has a base set of docs that are solid.

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Everyone can now run JavaScript on Cloudflare with service workers

Cloudflare gave Kenton Varda a mission — Make it so developers could run code on Cloudflare's edge. Kenton Varda, writes on the Cloudflare blog: Eventually, we settled on what now seems the obvious choice: JavaScript, using the standard Service Workers API, running in a new environment built on V8. Five months ago, we gave you a preview of what we were building, and started the beta. Today, with thousands of scripts deployed and many billions of requests served, Cloudflare Workers is now ready for everyone.

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Zach Leatherman

Eleventy - a simpler static site generator

When Zach isn’t going on and on about web fonts, he’s making great open source software. His newest project, Eleventy, has successfully renewed my interest in static site generators. It feels much more intuitive than I remember Jekyll being (it’s been a few years) and the fact that it supports many different template engines makes it easy to jump in. Zach was also recently awarded an Open Source Peer Bonus from Google for his work on Eleventy.

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Pixel Synth

Seizure warning! Earlier this year a friend of mine rented an analog video synth. A group of us sat in his basement while he projected weird visuals onto the wall — plugging in and unplugging patch cables, twisting knobs, and feeding in VHS source videos. It was mesmerizing. Pixel Synth is a tiny, web-based alternative by Donald Hanson and is almost as mesmerizing. It’s also neat that you can control it with a midi device, thanks to the Web Midi API and WebMidi.js.

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David Heinemeier Hansson Avatar The Changelog #286

JavaScript sprinkles in Basecamp turned Stimulus

David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH) shares the story of how JavaScript sprinkles in Basecamp evolved into a full-fledged framework called Stimulus. We talked about ins and outs of Basecamp as it is today, Ruby, JavaScript, David's somewhat new found love for JavaScript, how they open source because they can, and David's new YouTube series called "On Writing Software Well".

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Unstated – (React) state so simple, it goes without saying

@jamiebuilds was sick of all the ceremony around state management in React, so he built Unstated. Unstated isn't ambitious, use it as you need it, it's nice and small for that reason. Don't think of it as a "Redux killer". Don't go trying to build complex tools on top of it. Don't reinvent the wheel. Just try it out and see how you like it. It's been getting some praise on the Twitters. Sindre Sorhus says: Unstated is a breath of fresh air for state management. I rewrote my whole app to use it yesterday.

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The inception of ESLint

We love a good origin story around here! In this post, Nicholas C. Zakas, the author and maintainer of ESLint, shares its backstory — specifically, the series of events that eventually lead to ESLint's creation. After digging around in the build system at Box, I found there was actually a PHP linter running in addition to the makeshift JavaScript linter. The PHP linter, however, was a lot more involved that the JavaScript one. Instead of using regular expressions, the PHP linter parsed the code into an abstract syntax tree (AST) and then inspected the AST for the patterns to report. I was probably shaking my head "yes" as I read through that code. Immediately I realized that this was exactly what I needed to do for JavaScript. If only there was some way to parse JavaScript into an AST and then inspect the AST for problems. Also, if you want to support Nicholas's work to maintain ESLint, checkout his Patreon.

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An interactive, explorable explanation about the peculiar magic of sound waves

This interactive guide introduces and explores waveforms. It covers how to read waveform graphs, goes over the fundamental physics of sound, teaches how it relates to music and harmony, and demonstrates how to build complex tones from simple ones. Even if you don't care how waveforms work, check it out for the quality of the experience alone. Built with React, Styled Components, and SVG.

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Ember team releases version 3.0 of their ambitious web framework

Today the Ember project is releasing version 3.0.0 of Ember.js, Ember Data, and Ember CLI. Ember 3.0 doesn't introduce any new functionality, instead it focuses the framework by removing long-deprecated APIs and support for legacy platforms. A major version release with no new functionality: bold move. Perhaps a winning strategy if it can garner similar praise as Apple's Snow Leopard update to macOS (nee OS X). Ember is like the Energizer Bunny of web frameworks. Can you believe the team has been working on it since 2011? That's like forever in webdev-years.

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Replace jQuery with Vue.js without requiring a build step

What some people don't not know is that you can incorporate Vue into your project the same way that you would incorporate jQuery, no build step necessary. You don’t have to rewrite the HTML in JavaScript, you don’t have to use webpack, and you don’t have to set up a giant system. In this post Sarah Drasner covers common jQuery use cases and how to switch them over to Vue, and why you'd even want to.

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Front End Interview Handbook

Remember the Front-end Job Interview Questions project that we talked to Darcy Clark about way back in the day? Well, this is the answer to that project. Literally. It's answers to the questions. It dubs itself as: almost complete answers to "Front-end Job Interview Questions" which you can use to interview potential candidates, test yourself, or completely ignore They forgot to mention the other use case: memorizing the answers just in case your interviewer pulls questions directly from this list 😉

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Rico Sta. Cruz Avatar The Changelog #283

Devhints - TL;DR for Developer Documentation

Rico Sta. Cruz joined us to talk about his project Devhints — cheatsheets for developers! There are more than 365 cheatsheets you can contribute to and it's open source. We talked about the design, technical implementation, community, and alternate interfaces (CLI). We also covered RSJS, RSCSS, and Docpress. You have to sell what it is you're building in your documentation. It's not just describing what it is and how to use it. It's about telling interesting stories. — Rico Sta. Cruz

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Automatic visual diffing with Puppeteer

Monica Dinculescu: I did a little song-and-dance that sets up Puppeteer , takes screenshots of your app (like, all the routes you care about), and then compares them to the “golden” ones. If they match, your test passes! It only works with Chrome (because Puppeteer), but that's not a big deal since this is the kind of thing you only put in your devDependencies. The results are super cool in your test suite output:

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Hallelujah—In Praise of Babel

This made the rounds back in December, but it's still worth sharing as it's so cool. Angus Croll re-wrote Leonard Cohen's 1984 hit to sing the praises of Babel.js! 👏 I heard there was a clever trick That rewrote all your JavaScript But you don’t really care for magic, do ya (Also check out the audio version by Shawn Wang)

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